Sian Ka-an

 Sian Ka-an


This is a place to live true to nature.


Located in the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve, this huge property is only 1 kilometer north of the village of Punta Allen.


This is the Caribbean that inspired so many to visit 20 or 30 years ago.


Some say it inspired Mexico to grant statehood to Q. Roo


Like many properties in this narrow peninsula, it features Caribbean beach front ( 81 meters ) plus lagoon frontage ( 92 meters ).


Imagine a quite and natural place like this so near Tulum.


Plan and build a dream home that blends into this amazing surroundings.


Location: 1 kilometer north of Punta Allen


Surface: 14,910 sqm.


Dimensions: 81/92 mts. x 196/203 mts.



Utility services eco.

Road access rock

Investment potential medium

Development potential long term

Flora and fauna cleaned forest

Zone remote

Legal satus private title


* Beach front

* Lagoon front

Price:    $ 550,000 usd.


Número telefonico: (52) 984 803 4371 / (52) 984 803 2804
Lunes a Viernes 9am - 6pm
Sábado 9am - 1:30pm CST
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Skype: infomayazone