Raiatea Boat

You board the largest Catamaran along the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. Our journey begins in the marina of Puerto Aventuras. From there we head south towards the city of Tulum. The crew turns up the music and you can enjoy a beverage will you watch the beautiful coastline glide by.


When you near Tulum the boat will stop and all the passengers will have the ability to snorkel. Although most people who take this cruise have to first stare with wonder at amazement at the ruins. There is nothing like seeing the ruins from the ocean and this is a rare opportunity for a tourist. One you will not forget. Once you drop off the boat to snorkel, you will find the coral reefs beautiful and alive with a huge variety of wonderful sea life. Lunch and Snorkel gear will be provided for you on the boat





The walls surrounding the site allowed Tulum fort to serve as a defense against an invasion. Once you see this fortress nestled along the coast you can really see its strength. Once you exit the boat you will not have to stand in the long line of tourist you enter from the ocean you walk right into the ruins where a guide awaits to tell you about the ancient Mayan peoples who once inhabited the beautiful ocean location.


Most of the structures now visible were built in the Post-Classic Era, between about 1200 and 1450. The city remained occupied through the early years of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan, but was abandoned in by the end of the 16th century. Local Maya continued to visit the temples to burn incense and pray until the late 20th century.



DISCLAIMER: This program timing is approximate and itinerary is subject to changes depending on weather and sea conditions. We sail depending on wind conditions.





The Biggest Cat on the Caribbean




Name of the Vessel: Raiatéa

Built in: Francia

Date of construction: 1998

Material of hull: glass fiber





Propulsion System:


Sail of 160 m2

2 motors Yanmar with 230 HP

Speed of vessel: 12 nudos

Horse Power: 100 hp c/u





Main Measurements:


Length: 27.00 mts

Breadth: 12.00 mts

Depth: 1.60 mts

Tonnage gross: 34.00

Tonnage net: 21.00



Catamaran to Tulum

The perfect combination of culture and sea all in one day



Bleu Magic Mexico invites you to spend an unforgettable day on board at the RAIATEA, a wonderful French Catamaran of 82 ft, especially build for day charters, the biggest Kat in the whole Caribbean!


We will departure from Puerto Aventura, one of the trendiest marinas in the Riviera Maya, along the Caribbean cost of the Yucatan peninsula. We will sail to the famous ruins of the Riviera Maya where you will discover all life the sea here proudly has to present, it being turtles, tropical fishes and a 80 % chance of sharing a moment with the presence of dolphins.


Passing the beautiful coral reef we arrive in front of the castle of Tulum where snorkelling and diving will take place.


After you will taste the most famous of the Caribbean cocktails and a delicious local buffet to the sound of music all together with our international crew on board at the Raiatea.


Next a boat will pick you up to bring you to the beautiful beach of the Playa Zazil Kin where you will visit the most famous arqueologital site of the Riviera Maya and discover the secrets of the ruins of Tulum in presence of a local guide.



The tour includes:


           Bus transportation with aircondition

           Excursión with the Cat RAIATEA

           Snorkelling ( if the weather allows it)

           Snorkelling equipment at your disposal

           Buffet on board of the RAIATEA in front of the ruins

           Visit to the ruins with a guide

           Open bar with local drinks



A unique and unforgettable experience!




9:30    Departure from Puerto Aventura with the catamaran RAIATEA

9:30 – 12:00 Sailing on the coast of the beautiful Riviera Maya

12:00 Arrival at Tulum (anchor in front of the ruins)

12:00 – 12:45            Snorkelling in the beautiful reef

13:00 – 14:00            Buffet and drinks on board of the catamaran: Totopos, Mexican Sauce or Guacamole, Salad of potatoes with octopus, Chicken Salad, Sandwinch Ham & Cheese and Fresh season fruit.

14:00 – 14:30            Transportation by launch to the Playa Zazil Kin

14:30 -15:00             Relax in Playa Zazil Kin

15:30 – 15:45            Journey to the ruins

15:45 – 16:45            JVisit with a guide through the arqueological site

17:00 Return to the hotel by bus

This program timing is approximate and itinerary is subject to changes depending on weather and sea conditions. We sail depending on wind conditions.



Sailing days


From 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.






  Adults: USD 100

  Kids:     USD 60

  Kids younger than 5 y.o.:  Do Not pay the tour but they do pay the Transfer



Transfer: USD 15 per passenger (Pay with cash on aboard).


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