Oxlajuj: the numbering 13 in Mayan.
Baqtun: a period of 144.000 days long count, to date 13 baqtunes have passed, the first beginning in August about 3.114 B.C.
The Oxlajuj Baqtun is a time that is lapsing and in which mankind will realize the need to change to live and that the transformation of attitudes to achieve harmony is of paramount importance. These changes must be in scale both social, economic, political, technological and climate.
The Oxlajuj Baqtun is an antecedents to the new era that lies ahead for good walking, is the path to guide our lives into balance and harmony.
Is to realize the events that have marked our life and limited prosperity, is the opportunity to change negative thoughts into positive attitudes to grow our capabilities and strengthen coexistence between people. According to the conception in the Maya long count, the December 21, 2012 is the change in the human civilisation. Human beings enter into a new civilisation of change, which has no relation to this.
The cause is still an enigma, but one thing is clear: the last day does not imply any catastrophe, far from this interpretation, transcends to a new cosmic consciousness and spiritual evolution to the new civilisation. In this count over the 21 December 2012 is the last day of the thirteenth long period (Consisting of 400 years). The Mayans recorded this date as By auxiliary counting mechanism based on Maya mathematics is important, namely periods, number of days.
Kin: 1 day. Kinal: 20 days (20 is essential in the Maya count number) Tun: 360 days. Katun: 7.200 days. Baktun: 144.000 days.
This mechanism is the basis for the three types of counting or timing, the spiritual, agriculture and the Long Count, which are coincident in the conference calendar days.
Mayan  considered the number equivalent a day in the Gregorian calendar the date August 11, 3114 BC  and to December 21, 2012.
The Mayan as an experts  astronomers, through the scholars of that civilisation based on this mechanism and theirs study of the sky for the future December 21, 2012 given the bases for the foundation that led to this day as the last of this account.
This day is a day of winter solstice. The sun will overlap exactly with the point of intersection of the eclipsed of the Milky Way and Ecuador.
At this point, the sun will be located in the cleft of the Milky Way. Or sit the Milky Way on Earth. It will be almost like opening a door From Heaven to Earth.
Maya Ceremonies
The ancient Mayans performed ceremonies to give thanks for all the riches they possessed, was an act of religiosity and spirituality.
Today Mayan practices even the meaning of identity and as a sacred act to approach the supreme being, creator of heaven and earth. Also held to celebrate Date Wedding and held as a thank offering for the health, work and wisdom and welfare of the individual to be filled with positive energy.
The Mayan ceremonies are led by a spiritual guide or a Ajquij, who indicated the most appropriate dates for the ceremonies, taking into consideration  the Mayan calendar.
The ceremony will use materials that are used for offerings such as flowers, incense, sugar, colour candles, cinnamon and others deemed important…

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