The city of hills, located right in the middle of the peninsula, could be the oldest colonial city, within which stand five pyramids, the main one Kinich Kakmo, as well as the rabbit, and izamatul kabul, considered a colonial jewel because all the buildings are painted yellow and the main attraction is the convent of Izamal same Mayan pyramids was built on, using the stones of this for its construction. its founder Fray Diego de Landa, famous for burning the indigenous writings. (Travel time is 7 hrs. Approx)



Izamal is a small city in the Mexican state of Yucatán, 40 miles east of state capital Mérida. Izamal was continuously occupied throughout most of Mesoamerican chronology; in 2000, the city’s estimated population was 15,000 people. Izamal is known in Yucatán as “The Yellow City” (most of its buildings are painted yellow) and “The City of Hills” (though most of the “hills” are probably the remains of ancient temple pyramids).






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