Hacienda Sotuta de Peón


Welcome to the Hacienda Sotuta de Peón, built in the late 1800`s in Tecoh, Yucatán. Join us on this interesting journey to the past as we experience the highlights of the hacienda on this tour of Sotuta de Peón.


Sotuta de Peón, Live Hacienda, is the restoration project of a landmark located in the heart of the ancient henequén zone in the Yucatan state, and gives a true glimpse of what was once a fully operational Henequen Hacienda in the grand style and tradition of this period.


When touring Sotuta de Peon, our visitors will literally travel back in time, transported on wooden platforms called “Trucks” which are pulled by ‘mules’ over Cauville rails, as were originally used by the workers.


Here, you will witness the step-by-step process of the transformation of the Henequen (or Green Gold as it was known throughout the region), from plant to fiber and from fiber to finished product.


You will also have the opportunity to see the antique machinery that has been rescued from the ravages of time and rebuilt to precise operational capacity. Your tour will also include a visit to a typical Mayan House.


And add to this the unique geological formations of our secret attractions, the Cenote or beautiful underground rivers of crystal clear water, highly sought after, alkaline waters. Take the time for a refreshing swim at the end of your tour, where you can safely swim in the cool waters of the Cenote. Or, if you prefer, we have a huge swimming pool, surrounded by lush gardens of tropical flowers and brilliant green trees and indigenous plants.



Welcome to Hacienda Sotuta de Peon!

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